common questions
  • 1. Is there any product and installation training to make us more professional?

    Yes , we have.

  • 2. Can we supply products other than those of your company, such as simulation trees, simulation flowers, installation materials, etc., to realize our station procurement, and at the same time, do not add too much price to other products.

    If you need help to purchase some products, you will also integrate these resources in the future to realize our "One stop purchase".

  • 3. Some simulation plants are often cheap. Why are your plants so expensive?

    At present, the market of simulation plants is chaotic and uneven. Many workshops fight for price in order to reduce the cost. The  cost of recycled plastics is produced. In this way, there is no difference between looking at the picture and looking at the picture. However, the quality is often poor. If it changes in a short time, it has a bad smell and is poisonous, many customers will regret buying it at a low price.

  • 4. How do you prove that your product can be used outdoors for more than five years?

    We all have relevant test reports, and we are important foreign trade enterprise in China. We can only export through the relevant requirements of the United States and the European Union. In China, we have done a lot of cases for more than 5 years, such as the Shanghai Pavilion of the World Expo, the fence of the Heilongjiang provincial government, the Beijing Winter Olympics, etc., which fully proves.

  • 5. How to install the glass wall? How to install it if you don't want to destroy it?

    Fix the wire around the wall, and then fix the product on the wire.

  • 6. From the picture, we can see that other products are also very close to yours

    The quality of the product can not only depend on the density, but also on the following factors.

    1. The products of open building can resist ultraviolet rays outdoors to ensure the life of more than five years, and the poor products will fade when exposed to the sun.
    2. There is no odor in the open building products, and the poor products are very smelly, with carcinogen emission.
    3. Poor products will become powdery under low temperature in winter, and ourproducts will nothappen.
    4. The products of Mingzocan be customized to prevent flame retardancy, which is the only simulation plant in China that can reach level B standard.
    5. Mingzo's new product can release negative oxygen, and has applied for a national patent.
  • 7.What’s the lead time?

    Regular 45 days.

  • 8. What’s the MOQ?

    Order 1x20GP.

  • 9.Is the sample free for us?

    Yes,we can provide free sample.

  • 10.What certification do you have?